The domain

The domain today

Since it’s creation in 1860, Kirmann’s property has been restored as the vineyard evolves. Wines growers from father to son, the family operates today 11 ha vines fields with a great proportion of “Côteaux”.

We’re owner operater of our vineyard. We cultivate, collect and commercialise what comes from our vineyard and only ours
A whole panoply of white and red wines and crémants are waiting for you in our tasting cellar.
Discover our different creations realised with passion and shared by our family.


A great wine can only be created with high expertise and passion. Once the grapes have matured, we collect them manually in order to get the greatest wine.

You’ll find about 20 cuvees: from the traditional range to cuvees of the soil, crémants and vendanges tardives.

Grapes are harvested at maturity and contained in box to avoid any bruising and settling

The pressure is soft and slow thanks to a pneumatic press (2 bar pressure maximum).

The juice is naturally decanted for about 24 hours at 12° and then are transferred in stainless or enamelled steel or wood tanks to ferment.

Wines are maturing on fine lees for few month then are bottled at the domain.

A little history

The baron Kirmann François Antoine Kirmann, was born in Bischoffsheim on 2nd October 1768, into a modest family of winegrowers. He joined the army at age 17 and participated in all the campaigns of the Republic and the Empire. He was sent to virtually every place where there was combat. He became a legend and was promoted commander-in-chief of the Mamelukes squadron. His exploits won him innumerable wounds, and the title of Baron of the Empire. This eventful life didn’t prevent him from marrying 3 times, and living to the ripe old age of 82! We honor the memory of our exceptional ancestor by giving his name to our exceptional vintages..